Sun.Power VRL (OPzV series) 250 – 3500 Ah

Τάση2 V
Χωρητικότητα250 – 3.500 (C100) Ah
Aπόδοση κύκλων φόρτισης/εκφόρτισης3000 @ 50% Κύκλοι

The sun | power VR L batteries are sealed stationary batteries with fixed electrolyte in gel.
The construction as sealed batteries makes HOPPECKE sun | power VR L batteries maintenance free relating to re-filling of water.

Using tubular plates in combination with gauntlets at their positive tubular plates, HOPPECKE sun | power VR L single cell batteries offer an extreme high cycling expectancy.

The electrolyte of HOPPECKE sun | power VR L batteries is fixed in gel which provides even the option of a horizontal assembly (optional). So the sun | power VR L range is optimal for application in sectors with high charge and discharge operation load like solar and off-grid applications.

The design as DIN-product in accordance to DIN 40742 gives highest compatibility by changing existing battery systems or integration in case of enlargement of already existing batteries.
HOPPECKE single cells of the sun | power VR L type series have a cycling expectancy of up to 1600 cycles with 80% depth of discharge.

Your benefits with HOPPECKE sun | power VR L

  • Maximum cycle stability and durability
    in particular during PSoC operations
  • Reduced maintenance requirements with the greatest safety
    maintenance free due to sealed Gel-technology (VRLA)
  • Highest reliability
    in the supply of isolated power networks or remote off-grid applications
  • Highest project flexibilit
    provided by excellent storage capabilitiy
  • Optimal environmental compatibility
    closed loop for substance recovering in an accredited recycling system

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