Τάση2 V
Χωρητικότητα150 – 1360 Ah
Aπόδοση κύκλων φόρτισης/εκφόρτισης2000 Κύκλοι

Technical Features


Positive plates Tubular plates with corrosion resistant Lead Calcium Tin Alloy.

Negative plates Pasted negative plates of grid design with optimized Lead Calcium Tin Alloy.

Separators Low resistance, microporous PVC.

Electrolyte Diluted sulphuric acid fixed as GEL.

Container, lid material Polypropylene (PP) with lid welding, trimming and tightness control.


Premium design with insert and rubber seal in the lid for hardness and

acid resistance. M10 brass inlay. Impedance measurements possible.


Accurate voltage measurements possible due to bolt-on type design.

Steel bolts with plastic encapsulated heads. Insulated flexible connectors.

Pressure relief valve Relief valve with integral flame arrestor


Number of cycles 2000 cycles for 60% DoD at 20ºC.

Design life 15 years (stand-by float, 20ºC).

Maintenance No water refilling during life.

Operating temperature Recommended 15ºC to 35ºC. Min: -20ºC / Max: 45ºC.

Storage Time

Maximum shelf life up to 6 months at 20ºC, 4 months at 30ºC

or 2 months at 40ºC.

Self discharge rate Approx. 2 % per month at 20ºC.

Τεχνικό Φυλλαδιο