Τάση2  V
Χωρητικότητα215 – 1382 Ah
Aπόδοση κύκλων φόρτισης/εκφόρτισης2000 Κύκλοι


Positive plates Tubular plates with special low-antimony lead alloy (≤1.65% Sb)

Negative plates Pasted negative plates of grid design with optimized low-antimony lead alloy

Separators Low resistance, microporous PVC

Electrolyte Diluted sulphuric acid

Container, lid material

Polypropylene (translucent for the container) with lid welding,trimming and tightness control.

Poles Premium design with insert and rubber seal in the lid for hardness and acid
resistance. M10 brass inlay. Impedance measurements possible.

Connectors Voltage measurements possible due to bolt-on type design. Steel bolts with plastic encapsulated heads. Insulated flexible connectors, optional solid connectors available.

Ceramic Plugs Flame arresting design. Ceramic funnel plugs also available.

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