eBick 280 PRO

If your consumption grows, then the eBick 280 PRO grows with you.
The eBick 280 PRO allows you to configure the storage system based on your energy needs.
As easy as installing the number of units you need. Each unit adds 54 kWh of additional quiet. From 54 kWh to 3 MWh, you set the limit.
The eBick 280 PRO can be installed in parallel, series and even mixed configuration (multiple parallel and series together), allowing you to work with voltages between 48V and 900V, with multiple power settings.
The CEGASA lithium ion solution, always ready as it requires no maintenance or special procedures.

You’ll forget it exists.

With other technologies, your batteries need to be replaced every 4 years.

The exclusive LFP (LiFePO4) technology that CEGASA incorporates into its lithium-ion batteries guarantees the highest number of cycles on the market, giving your installation a lifetime of up to 25 years.

Save up to 30% on your electricity bill thanks to higher charge/discharge efficiency.

Save 100% on maintenance costs. The product does not require any care or intervention throughout its life.

One battery for the lifetime of your machine. Cegasa Li-ion batteries ensure the highest number of duty cycles, just one battery for the life of your machine.

Provides 15 years of useful service under heavy duty conditions and up to 25 years under normal conditions.

The eBick 280 Pro offers you a quickly assembled self-supporting structure that significantly reduces installation time and complexity. A simple wiring system that allows you to quickly assemble your system. An advanced solution with lower installation costs.

Designed for Plug & Play, both mechanically and electrically. Simply place one unit on top of the other and connect.

eBick Ultra 175

The eBick Ultra 175 is the version intended for domestic or industrial self-consumption applications up to 81 kWh.

If you are looking for the highest performance in terms of circularity, safety and weight, in all temperature ranges and without the need for special installations, then the eBick Ultra 175 is your answer.

Because lithium can be Ultra without being complicated. Switch to eBick Ultra 175!

Cegasa engineers designed this energy storage system, creating a battery that is fast, intuitive and simple to install, it can also be connected to any 48 Vdc inverter, whether connected to the grid or off-grid.

A self-managed system that requires no communications for full functionality. Want to know how much energy you have? Just look at the charging indicator that comes with it.

Easy movement from the pallet to the final position thanks to the integrated wheels. Connect the Anderson cables together and connect them to the input of your converter. Enter the suggested values ​​we give you and your installation is ready to go.

Η eBick Ultra 175 tower 13,4 kWh. These can be combined in up to 6 towers to produce solutions that provide 13.4 kWh, 26.8 kWh, 40.3 kWh and 53.7 kWh, 67 kWh and 81 kWh.

The eBick Ultra 175 is designed for direct replacement of lead-acid batteries in existing installations. Simply remove your old lead-acid battery and install the eBick Ultra 175 to get all the benefits of Cegasa’s lithium-LFP. Forget maintaining lead-acid batteries and replace them every few years.